Legions of Steel - Meet the Machines!

By Nik Gaukroger 01 Jul 2015 0

Long term readers may remember that back in September 2013 we carried an interview with Studio Nyx a French development team who were looking to crowdfund development of a digital version of one of their favourite miniatures games, Legions of Steel. However, they did not manage to get the financial backing through crowdfunding, but instead teamed up with the Slitherine Group to bring the game to fruition.

Our interview and developer videos from way back when.

Now the game is getting close to release and, as you can see from the videos in the link above, there has been a hell of a lot of development work since 2013 – it’s hardly recognisable as the same game to be honest. In the run up to release more information is being leaked out, and so we’re brining you what we find.



What the Matrix press blurb says …


They come from the sky but not as a conquering force. Despite their overwhelming Fleet their goal is not to gain more planets or solar systems. They don’t feel anger, vengeance, tiredness or desire. Debris and ruins are the signs of their passage.

Their only aim is the extinction of all life forms. They are the Machines!

As the release date of the game is approaching it’s time to have a close look at the menace Mankind will have to face!

Get more information about Legions of Steel from its official Product Page



G1 Nightmare

They are the bulk of the Machinery. Most effective in large numbers, they can use the “Nachtmacher” Grenade to affect the enemy precision and to gain more survivability



Assault Fiend

This unit is very fearsome. Only few are deployed on the battlefield. They have superior armour (which means that they can be hit twice before to die) and their Trident weapon makes them a formidable threat both for melee and range fights



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