Lock ’n Load Publishing Tease Upcoming Digital Games

By Joe Robinson 17 Jul 2018 0

Lock’n’Load Publishing are best known for their physical table-top wargames these days, although they do have some credence in the digital space. CEO David Heath is ex-Matrix Games, after all. Command Ops 2 is probably their best computer wargame right now.

Recently on Facebook the company has been teasing their new digital endeavours – Lock’N Load Tactical Digital and Nations at War Digital.

LnL Digital 1

The first seems to be a digital adaptation of their table-top LnL Tactical System, which has also just been updated to its fifth iteration. The new digital product seems to be aimed at people wanting to practice LnL Tactical, so it’s unlikely this will be a game in its own right, and more of a companion product to the table-top game.

The plan is to release the core engine & starter kit for free, accompanied by four scenarios, for Windows and Mac OS. It will have AI, so will be suitable for solo play, and there’s no plans for any other platforms at the moment.

Other than some screenshots, that’s all the details we have right now – we’ll keep you posted if anything else comes to light. There were no new details posted up about Nations at War Digital, however there are new screenshots you can look at either on their Facebook page, or ours, as we'll be uploading them there. More information on both projects will be available at WBC.



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