Lock’n’Load Tactical Starter Kit Hits Tabletop Simulator

By Joe Robinson 26 Feb 2018 0

Tabletop Simulator is slowly becoming the place where table-top gamers are coming together to play their favourite physical games. Everything from Star Wars: X-Wing, to D&D, to This War of Mine has a TTS Mod now, whether officially supported or not.


Wargames publisher Lock’n’Load Publishing are the latest to enter the fray with the release of their Lock’nLoad Tactical Starter Kit onto Tabletop Simulator.

The starter kit is designed to serve as an introduction to the entire Lock’n’Load Tactical series of physical wargames. It uses the World War II era rules, which can easily be converted for us in the ‘Modern era’ as well.


The physical product has everything from counters to reference sheets included, and as you can see in the screenshots the TTS seems to have all of the same components for you to play out tactical battles from WW2 right up to the Vietnam War.

You can download the mod here.

Do you use Tabletop Simulator for any of your board/wargaming needs? How do you find it as a platform? Let us know in the comments!



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