Mac-tastic games ahead - Battle of the Bulge (Mac) and Order of Battle: Pacific (Mac) are ready for Beta!

By Nik Gaukroger 14 May 2015 0

“Will there be a Mac version?” or “When will this be out on Mac?” are common questions when a new game is released, often followed by an evasive or holding reply from the publisher leaving the gamer none the wiser. The sad fact for people looking for wargames on the Mac is that the market segment is pretty small – let’s be honest, the PC is the norm for a games machine – and so the economics of porting a game to the Mac are usually a bit marginal.

However, Shenandoah and Slitherine (OK, we know they’re part of the same company) have just announced that two games are soon to be released for the Mac and are calling for beta testers. So Mac gamers, now is your chance to show you exist and help speed these games onto your favourite platform. Also they’re both rather good games. Check out our views on Battle of the Bulge here and Order of Battle: Pacific here.



Here is the press stuff with links for you to follow to get onto the beta testing programmes.


“Soldiers of all fronts!

Your help is urgently needed! Two great games are set go to Beta and many platforms are involved!

Two years on from its release on iPad, Battle of the Bulge is eager to reach further peaks and thanks to the hard work of the developers the game is now ready to enter the beta phase for Mac! We wish to ask players to join the Beta and to help us to make the game even better than before!

What's more, the iPad version of the game has been extensively rewritten and you have the chance to test it and to give us feedback!

Click here sign for the beta!

But it’s not over, because moving from Western Europe to Asia another game needs your help! Order of Battle: Pacific calls for your contributions to assist in developing the Mac version!

As always, you can do that from the beta page!”



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