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By Joe Robinson 31 May 2018 0

We’re taking a break from our usual coverage to highlight some cool things we’ve been doing on our sister website, Strategy Gamer.

BattleTech is a turn-based tactics game based on the original 1980’s table-top wargame created by Jordan Weissman. Ian wrote the review over at Strategy Gamer, and absolutely loved it.

It can be a difficult game though – managing the RPG layer can be tough enough, especially if skirmishes don’t go your way and you end up with some expensive bills to pay off.


That’s why we recently put together two great guides to help you get through the game.

The Thin Red Line – RPG/Management

We’ve made some new hires recently, and one of them was Kendal Erickson. He was very interested in exploring the management layer of BattleTech so that he could help more of us remain solvent through the game’s campaign. This is a fairly ‘101’-tier guide to running your Lance, but it’s still got lots of useful tips and tricks to help see you through to the next payday.

Read the full guide here.

Honing the Lance – Mech Builds

After Ian completed his review, he got lost in a never-ending sea of mech build parameters and theory-crafting. We thought about rescuing him from his spiral, but we decided to ask him to write an article for us instead.

Starting with some with some basic principles, Ian then moves on to detailing what kind of spare parts you should always have on hand, before diving into a handful of basic role-archetypes you can build your mechs around.


This was the trickiest bit, because Ian nearly went insane with all the possible combinations and roles he could write-up, so we had to get him to draw a line and stick to some basic ones.

Check out the full guide here.

If the guide gets enough interest, we’ll roll out more mech builds.

Apologies for the lack of a genuine update today – Wargamer Weekly will be online as usual tomorrow. Enjoy!



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