Mark H. Walker's '65 Heads Down the Stretch

By Dylan Love 03 Dec 2015 0

The hottest entrant in board wargaming lately is a crowdfunding project to bring Mark H. Walker's ‘65 to life, and its crowdfunding stretch goals just dropped.

‘65 is a cardboard tabletop game that simulates tactical squad warfare around eight different historical scenarios from the Vietnam War. Players move large counters around a hexagonal board to simulate the movements of troops, tanks, and other vehicles to squash their opponents. (The game includes three illustrated game boards.) The game mechanics are driven by the 54-card deck that adds engaging uncertainty to things. We can expect single rounds to last between one and three hours.

Walker’s Kickstarter project has met and exceeded its funding goals; the coffers are currently loaded with more than $18,700 from some 250 individuals. Flying Pig Games was aiming for just $16,000, a threshold that it crossed on November 25.

With the crowdfunding cat effectively in the bag, the new name of the game is to see how much more money the ‘65 team can generate beyond its initial goal. Newly revised rewards are in place to help incentivize backers to double down on their pledges and to generate new interest from those who haven’t pledged yet. These include counters for alternative armies and scenarios, as well as a brand new, additional gameboard. Those new extras and the goals for each:


  • Marine Corps Stretch Goal. $18,500. A full sheet of Marine Corps counters and scenarios to use them in. (Achieved!)
  • Solitaire Expansion Stretch Goal. $21,000. A solitaire version of ’65 includes additional counters, six scenarios, and a unique solitaire playing card deck.
  • ANZAC Stretch Goal. $27,000. A full sheet of Australian and New Zealand counters (1 sheet total) and scenarios to use them in.
  • 22” x 34” Mounted City Terrain Board Stretch Goal. $35,000.

If this catches your fancy, get to givin’ over at the Kickstarter page. A gameplay video follows:



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