Mark Herman discusses Churchill followup, Pericles

12 Feb 2016 0

One of my favorite tabletop games of last year was Churchill: Big Three Struggle for Peace. It's a wonderful mix of eurogame mechanisms with a wargame feel that just works. Designer Mark Herman has started work on the sequel to Churchill which deals with running a city-state in ancient Greece. It's called Pericles and, unlike Churchill, it actually is a wargame.

Last week, Mark wrote extensively about his new design over at InsideGMT and it's a great read. While the new game is a wargame, it still uses the conference mechanism from Churchill. 

Pericles is a four player game, although in the final version it will also play with 3, 2, or solo. The four players are arrayed as two teams of two Athenians versus two Spartans. The Athenian players are either the Aristocrats (e.g., Pericles et al) or the Demagogues (e.g., Cleon et al). The Spartan players represent the two royal houses (Eurypontid and the Agiad). To win the game, a player’s side has to win the war and they have to be the incumbent government when victory is declared. So, the game challenges you to both cooperatively work to defeat your City States enemy, while dominating your domestic opponent. I have played with this player arrangement for a couple of decades using my old Peloponnesian War design with the US military and I have found it creates some very nuanced strategic decisions. That said, if your view is all victories should go to the player with the most points, you will probably have issues with the subtle strategies of City State politics.

That's a pretty good overview, but Mark doesn't stop there. He goes into detail about structure, cards, issues that can be debated and more. If you were a fan of Churchill, or someone who needed a little more wargame in your wargame, check out the entire article

Pericles should be hitting the P-500 list sometime this spring. I already have it on my wishlist.



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