Market Garden '44 and Pacific War

By Scott Parrino 08 Sep 2003 0

Panzer Campaigns: Market Garden '44

Wargame developer John Tiller and his team of scenario designers have returned once again to the Western Front after a hiatus to the Eastern Front in Rzhev '42. Panzer Campaigns: Market-Garden '44 features the venerable turn-based, operational-level command game engine, with 1-kilometer hexes, 2 hour turns, and a total map area encompassing almost 5,000 square kilometers. According to HPS, 880 units from the German and Allied forces are represented in the Order of Battle. As is usual for Tiller's Panzer Campaign seres, players control a variety of tanks, planes, infantry, artillery, and other units on battalion and company levels. However, Market Garden '44 breaks from its predecessors to offer the smallest battlefield of any previous game, which makes the game more manageable for those turned off by the larger titles in the series.  The game was designed by Greg Smith, the same designer behind Tiller's Smolensk '41 and Bulge '44, and features the usual assortment of additional features, including PBEM and LAN multiplayer support, an Order of Battle editor, and scenario editor.

35 historically-based scenarios allow players to experience the entire Operation Market-Garden.  Market-Garden, a popular subject for World War II games as of late, is of course the September 1944 battle in which the Allies made an aggressive move to end the war early.   After making progress into the Low Countries, the Allied commander General Charles Montgomery dropped some 35,000 paratroopers across the Rhine River into Germany to further a quick outcome to the war.  The result was the battle for the city of Arnhem in Holland, and specifically a bridge in the city over the Rhine.   

As usual, HPS Sims announced the games to the general public as they were readying the game for release.  The game is now available for purchase through the HPS Sims web site, or via merchant Chips 'n Bits.  Both have the game in stock for $39.95.  




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