Master of Orion now available in Early Access

26 Feb 2016 0

I have to admit that, back when the original Master of Orion games were launched in the early 90's, I wasn't much for sci-fi and put my 4X eggs into the Sid Meier Civilization basket instead. As such, I never played the original or any of its sequels and it's always felt like a black hole in my gaming resume. Luckily, it looks like I'll have a chance to redeem myself as a new version of Master of Orion has just entered Early Access and is now available for download.

Early Access of Master of Orion isn't the finished game (obviously), and includes:

  • Six playable races
  • Two victory conditions: Conquest and Diplomatic
  • Tactical Battles
  • Multiplayer
  • Ship designer
  • Full language localization with English and Russian voice acting (Explorers from across the world can expect German, French, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Spanish (MX), Portuguese, Korean and Japanese text localisations to be implemented soon)
  • Playable on 64-bit Windows

You'll notice that last one indicates that Early Access is for PC only. That's true, but the full game will be available for Mac and Linux as well upon release.

Only the Collector's Edition is available for download right now, with the Collector part seeming to mean that it includes the original MoO 1, 2, and 3. It's $50 on both Steam and GoG.



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