Matrix D-Day Special + Competition [Closed]

By Admin 06 Jun 2017 22

Happy D-Day, everyone! What better way to celebrate one of the most brutal military battles of all time than by buying some cheap games about war?

Matrix Games & Slitherine are holding a special sale across their catalogue to mark the 73rd Anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, and you'll be able to buy anything from this list at a 30% discount until Sunday, June 11th. Games of note that are applicable for the campaign include Strategic Commander WW2: War in Europe, Heroes of Normandie and even the entire Panzer Corps collection!

In order to enjoy the discount, you must enter the coupon code “D-Day30”  in the coupon field at checkout when buying a game on or While the discount is not available on purchases over Steam, you will get a Steam code when buying through Matrix and Slitherine sites.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away...

Speaking of Strategic Command, we're holding a prize giveaway!

This competition is now CLOSED. Check your forum inbox to see if you have won.

As you may have heard, Matrix's own grand-strategy wargame is launching on Steam today together with the 1.04 Update. They've sent us some Steam codes to use in a giveaway, so if you've held off on jumping on board for whatever reason, this may be your moment!

This will be a quick-fire random prize draw, with the closing date being 6pm BST on Friday, June 9th, 2017.

In order to be eligible, simply post an answer to the following:

“Across either boardgames, miniatures or video-games, what has been your favourite depiction of the D-Day Landings and why?”

Answers on a post-card, make sure to post your response in the comments.  



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