Matrix Deal of the Week! Empires in Arms is on sale

By Wargamer Staff 05 May 2015 0

Here is our weekly public service announcement about the Matrix Games Deal of the Week. OK, this one is a day late, but over here in the UK yesterday was a bank holiday and your editor was doing bank holiday stuff – in this case waterproofing a tent; rock and roll lifestyle huh …

Anyway, the news is that Empires in Arms released way back in 2007 is on sale for $19.99 for just one week. If you’d like to see what we wrote about it shortly after it was released then follow this link.



Press bumf …


"Deal of the Week is back once again with another classic at discounted price! Empire in Arms, a grand strategy turn-based game set during the Napoleonic wars, is on sale for only $ 19.99!

Make and break alliances, declare war, invade minor nations, propose peace terms, build armies of landwehr, regulars, guards, light cavalry, heavy cavalry and artillery. He who controls Europe, controls the world!

So fix your bayonets and charge!

Grab the game here!"



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