Matrix Deal of the Week - Qvadriga gets a discount!

By Wargamer Staff 23 Mar 2015 0

For those of us of a (ahem) slightly more advanced age, mention chariots racing and we immediately think of Ben Hur, the classic sand and sandals, cast of thousands movie from way back in 1959. In fact, such is the fame of the movie that even mere youngsters have heard of it. One of the iconic moments of the film is, of course, the chariot race. Last year Slitherine released a PC game of Roman chariot races and now it gets the Matrix discount treatment.

For those who missed out on this game last year we’d certainly recommend it – in fact you can read our review saying just that here. The game turned out to be one of the surprise hits of 2014, even winning a best racing Game award.



Press blurb follows …



Our beloved Deal of the Week is back on the horse and not only metaphorically. This time it is Rock Paper Shotgun’s Bestest Best Racing Game of 2014, QVADRIGA which is discounted for the very first time! During this week players can feel the excitement of the ludes circenses for only $ 9.99! 


And it’s not over because iPad and Android versions are also available at an awesome price as you can grab them for only $ 4.99!


Still not convinced? So join us Wednesday for our weekly stream session on Twitch as we will showcase the game for more than one hour.


Qvadriga is a tactical game of chariot racing in ancient Roman circuses, where you take control of a four horse chariot team. Choose your preferred upgrade combinations and prove your skills in the arena. Select the most cunning actions which your team could perform against the best drivers of the old world: shake reins, whip horses, choose lanes, hold tight while negotiating curves, avoid incoming attacks, block enemies path, lacerate and whip them until achieving victory.

What are you waiting for?


You can grab the game from its official PcIpad and Android Product Page



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