Matrix Games & Slitherine's D-Day sale is now on

By Joe Robinson 06 Jun 2018 0

It’s the 74th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, which means it’s time for Matrix Games & Slitherine’s annual D-Day sale.

Starting from today until June 10th, you can use the discount code ‘D-Day30’ in the coupon field on either the Slitherine or the Matrix store carts to get 30% off your order. If you’re not entirely sure how the coupon works, or you’re worried the discount hasn’t been applied to your order, we suggest you read this guide and/or contact their customer support.

This code will not work on any other store, like Steam or GOG. The coupon will also only work on WWII-themed titles, the full list of which can be seen here.


There’s too many of them to list out, but titles such as Strategic Command WW2: War in Europe, The Operational Art of War IV, Unity of Command and various Matrix-era Close Combat games are amongst the list, all of which feature in our round-up of the best WW2 war games.

If you see any other companies, digital or physical, doing a D-Day sales event, let us know in the comments and we’ll make sure to let everyone know.



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