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By Wargamer Staff 23 Jun 2015 0

With all the excitement around the 200th anniversary of Waterloo last week we managed to miss this announcement from Matrix Games – there is a Gold version of Revolution Under Siege coming with some significant updates included.

Amazingly, one of the defining moments in the twentieth century has gone virtually unnoticed by the gaming industry. The Russian Revolution and Civil War has, in the main, only been touched on in scenarios for games like The Operational Art of War, however, Revolution Under Siege covers the whole shooting match.

Here is what Matrix said in the press release:


Revolution Under Siege Gold has a lot of special historical events!

Are you ready to immerse yourselves in one of the most crucial periods of modern European history? Revolution Under Siege Gold is coming with plenty of enhancements! A special effort was put by the developer in order to recreate the most dramatic turning points of the entire struggle between the Bolshevik and the White factions!

To best show the accuracy and the importance of the choices the player will take, we wish to briefly show you three of these new historical events! You will see how the wealth of new political options - historical or alternative - will impact on the resources, popularity and diplomacy of the various playable factions!

In early 1918, the Red Revolution in Russia is led by 2 allied revolutionary factions: The Bolsheviks and the Left-Socialist Revolutionaries. Even with an already difficult military situation, some leaders of the Left-SR want Russia to cancel the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and re-enter the World War against the Central Powers, hoping to spread the World Revolution in Europe. It’s up to the Red player to choose if a left-SR uprising will happen or not

06/28/1918/ -> 10/25/1918 (Alternate History): The Battle of the Chiefs! Avoid a war between Ukrainian Nationalists and Russian Whites to fight together against the Reds.

In the summer 1918, the Southern Whites have two historical strategic options, each supported by two different leaders. Krasnov - autonomist leader of the Don Cossacks - is ready to ally with Ukraine and other new independent states from the former Russian Empire to fight the Bolsheviks, conquering the city of Tsaritsyn and then to march to Moscow together. On the other side, Denikin, leader of the Russian Volunteers, has the priority to free the Kouban and the north-Caucasus from the Bolsheviks before attacking Moscow from the South, through the Ukraine.

If activated, this Option will allow the Krasnov strategy and could be a first step to unite the White factions on the Volga...

12/16/1918/ (Alternate History) : Recognize Independence 

This Option allows the Whites to diplomatically recognize the independence of minor neighboring states. If activated, it will provide other Options like Alliances with Finland, with Caucasus States and with Baltic States, involving them in the struggle against Bolshevism, or an Option which allows political autonomy for the Cossacks or National minorities Republics which was proclaimed in Russia after the Revolution. However, most of the White Russian military leaders refuse to give up parts of the former Tsars’ Empire of Russia.



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