Matrix Games Holiday Sale Kicks Off Today!

By Joe Robinson 26 Nov 2019 4

With rumours that the Steam Fall sale is starting today, Matrix Games have also kicked off their own Holiday sales event. Starting from today running right through till January 12th, 2020! Discounts are running as high as 90%, so there’s definitely a bargain to be found if you want to go looking.

Let’s have a look at some highlights:

  • Order of Battle: Red Star is 34% off (Order of Battle: Red Steel was announced last week)
  • Field of Glory: Empires is 25% off
  • Strategic Command WW2: World at War is 51% off
  • Field of Glory 2 is 60% off

Even the new Close Combat game is getting a modest 15% discount. Amongst the 80%+ discounts include Battle Academy, Brother against Brother, most of the 2011 Close Combat releases, the base Panzer Corps game and Gary Grigsby's Eagle Day to Bombing the Reich. There’s plenty of games in the 70% bracket as well.

Let us know if you pick anything up.



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