Matrix is running a big RTS sale this week

By Ian Boudreau 23 Jun 2020 0

We talk about games published by Matrix a lot here, and now's the perfect time to round out your collection with some of the titles you may have seen reviewed or discussed over the last few years. The publisher is running a sale on a selection of its RTS titles, offering up to 75% off on some games.

Distant Worlds is now about ten years old, but it's still a terrific space 4X with a pleasant focus on NPCs who have colourful personalities and goals. That can be had for 75% off the usual list price, making it $15 USD (or your regional equivalent). Airstrike Eagles of World War II is 50% off, bringing the arcadey dogfighting game down to just $4.99 USD.

Wargamers, however, will probably be much more interested in some of the newer games on sale. The excellent Armored Brigade is marked down 30% to $10.49. You can read our full review here, but I'll just go ahead and heartily recommend it as one of my favourite games of 2018. The France - Belgium add-on nation pack (review) is also on sale, as is the Italy - Yugoslavia add-on pack, and both can be had for an additional $10.49 each.

Scourge of War: Waterloo heads up our list of the best Napoleonic war games, and it's on sale for a whopping 61% off, bringing the price tag down to $19.50. An even better deal is on hand for Scourge of War: Gettysburg, which is down 67% to $9.90. You've got two DLC packs for Waterloo included in the sale as well, namely Quatre Bras and Wavre, which are both 75% off, at $5.00 a piece.

If gravel agitation isn't your thing, Carrier Deck is half off, making it $4.99 until the end of the sale - and speaking of which, the sale winds up Thursday, June 25, so make sure to at least window shop a bit before then.



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