Matrix/Slitherine Announce New Tournament Season + Polaris Sector Update

By Joe Robinson 29 Aug 2016 0

Matrix Games/Slitherine have announced a new season of tournaments for online competitive play with their titles.

The first tournament will be for Battle of the Bulge, which was released for iOS in 2012 and brought over to PC by Slitherine last year. You can sign up through this link.

16 players will face off over three rounds of competition, with the first one starting Monday 12th September. The second round will start one week later, on Monday September 19th, and the third and final round will take place on Monday September 26th.

For more information on how the tournament system works, read this forum thread.

Battle of the Bulge Reviews [PC | iOS]

Polaris Sector Update to Version 1.05

In entirely unrelated news, space 4X game Polaris Sector has been updated to version 1.05. The update focuses on tactical combat to keep all you space-warlords happy. Here is the full changelog:

Version 1.05 Changelog
- ability to position ships before combat by drag-and-drop
- switch to destroy discovered enemy spies automatically
- Interdictor module is now much quicker to research
- Fixed a bug with experience points lost for small ships in hangars
- Search for objects on a global map (fleets, ships, stars, planets, heroes)
- Keyboard shortcuts for fleets and stars on a global map
- Upkeep info added to the ship info screen
- Possibility to name fleets
- Configuration option to always allow initial ship placement in combat, even when attacking
- Fixed a bug with different scanner/jammer types not showing in the design info
- Fixed a bug with "radioactive world" race lacking hydroponics
- Allowed a bit closer zoom-in for the galaxy map
- Shortcuts for the “Move to a new fleet” action and “Merge Fleets” action (Ctrl+N and N)

We currently do not have a Polaris Sector review, but you can read the general consensus over on the games’ Steam page.

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