Matrix/Slitherine Want You To Look At Their Modding Community. Look Real Hard.

By Joe Robinson 07 Sep 2016 0

Modding is probably gaming's greatest gift to itself. While a lot of love, sweat and tears goes into the creation of videogames, ultimately a team can only do so much and needs must follow a singular vision. But provided developers aren't stingy with their tools (or are willing to look the other way), a community is able to create its own content to take that game in a million different directions.

Despite the digital age giving rise to the concept of DLC, no post-launch program has so far been able to retain the love and dedication of a community better than the modders.

Slitherine/Matrix Games want to help promote their own modding community, and while they are by no means the first to do this, its still worth taking note of who they've chosen to promote. Who knows, you might discover something new to try?

Advanced Tactics Gold

This one actually got its' own post, but 2nd Civil War is a mod for ATG that provides the player a scenario in which the CSA won the first Civil War, and years later the North tried a second time to regain control of the south. In the interim, California and Texas had risen as separate entities.

Map of conflict area

Looking at the technology available, think World War 1, just set in America and with less trenches. 

Key features include:

  • Supports the TO&E function
  • Supports Officers
  • Advanced Weather System
  • Resources like Manpower, Raw and Oil
  • AI capability

You can read more information about the mod here, and download it here.

Pike & Shot: Campaigns

Arguably one of Slitherine/Matrix Games' flagship series, Pike & Shot has evolved a lot since its' original release back in 2014. There's been expansions, DLCs... re-releases, yet despite all of this 'official' content, the modding community hasn't shirked on its mandate to give new toys for everyone to play with. According to the publisher themselves, there are currently over one hundred custom scenarios a lone for the game!

You can go here for the complete list, but some noteworthy ones included in the blog post are: Narva 1700, Cotes Bridge 1644, Bosworth 1485, Suleiman's European Campaign & The War of the Roses.


In terms of actual mods (that change how the game functions), Four Seasons and Extra Nations v2 are considered must-haves.

We can safely assume there'll be more articles like this coming from the publisher (the “part 1” gave it away), so we'll let you know what they talk about next. They're also gathering information on what people think of the modding experience across their games, so if you fancy having a say you can take this short survey.

Do you have any mods you play at the moment? Want to share some cool projects? Post in the comments below!

This article covers games developed and/or published by a member of the Slitherine Group of companies. Please see the About Us page for more information.



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