Eastfront Veterans Reinforce Men of War: Assault Squad 2

By Joe Robinson 29 Oct 2018 1

1C have done a surprise content drop for their intense tactical real-time WW2 war game, Men of War: Assault Squad 2 (which happens to be one of our favourite WW2 strategy games).

Titled Ostfront Veteranen, it’s probably not the DLC you were hoping for after all this time, considering it’s been three years since the last DLC.

Essentially, players can pay £7.19 / $10 to unlock a new Axis faction for use in local/online multiplayer or player vs. AI matches. It includes ten new vehicles, such as the Brummbär, StukazuFuß, and a Flak37 mounted SdKfz 8. There are also new faction-specific special units, and then flavoured infantry compositions representing battle-hardened troops from the Eastern Front.

Ostfront DLC 2

We’re not going to beat around the bush here – this is at worst a re-skin pack, at best a nice little variation on an existing faction that allows you to employ subtly different units and tactics. As some have pointed out though, the new units have been modded in by the community, although official DLC often carries the air of authenticity community content lacks.

The lack of fanfare and  guidance on the new units is also disappointing. Still, I do kind of appreciate an excuse to jump back into AS2, albeit briefly, and I did have fun trying out the new units and compositions. There’s some additional ‘mechanised’ flavours that allow you to advance on points more quickly, and the infantry are pretty good.

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 Ostfront Veteranen is available on Steam.



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