MicroProse announces B-17 Flying Fortress successor ‘The Mighty Eighth’

By Joe Robinson 26 May 2020 4

MicroProse is determined to make a comeback in style. A few weeks ago they kicked off their return by announcing they’d signed three interesting upcoming war game projects that, while cool, were already known quantities. Today, they’ve announced something brand new.

B-17 Flying Fortress: World War II Bombers in Action was (and is) a combat flight sim from 1992 which was published by the original MicroProse team, and developed by a company called Vektor Grafix. Now ‘nu’ MicroProse has announced that it’s creating a sequel - The Mighty Eighth:

The Mighty Eighth will be a VR-first project (but also playable with no VR enabled) in which you will be able to play with 9 other friends (or AI crew) as you work together to survive the war and accomplish your missions.

They've also announced that the B-24 Liberator will also be playable in the game.

This would actually be the third game in the series as there was a second game made in 2000 called B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th, which was developed by Wayward Design and published by Hasbro.

There’s no other details at the moment, not even a desired release window, but you can go to the official Mighty Eighth website to look at some early screenshots and sign up for the newsletter.

the mighty eighth cockpit sample

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