MicroProse enters the FPS arena with Operation: Harsh Doorstep & Warfare 1944

By Joe Robinson 16 Jun 2020 1

I personally don’t think the world needs any more tactical shooters right now, but hey, if MicroProse wants to spend their money that’s up to them. They’ve announced today they’ve partnered with a studio called Drakeling Labs to help them bring two tactical shooters to Steam later this year.

The first one is called Operation: Harsh Doorstep, which takes place during a fictional conflict in 1991 Afghanistan between NATO and Soviet forces. It will be a completely free, multiplayer focused competitive shooter with dynamic objectives and a wide range of weapon types and kit.

The game will be entering into Early Access first with basic infantry combat, but the team have ambitious plans to add in everything from large-scale environments, to pilot-able aircraft, ground vehicles and more.

They’ve also committed to this game being free forever, with no loot boxes or micro-transactions. Drakeling Labs have a Patreon page where they seem to get most of their funding, and backers can get early Alpha access and extra keys at higher tiers. Here is a trailer:

The second game is Warfare 1944, another tactical shooter set during WW2. This is again focused on competitive multiplayer with dynamic objectives, but will also feature near Arma-levels of lethality in terms of time-to-kill.

It will also be launching into Early Access on July 7th, 2020 but will be a premium game. Funds from Warfare 1944 will be used to support Operation: Harsh Doorstep, although the team also have ambitions to expand the WW2 game to include ground, air and naval vehicles. Here’s the trailer:

I’ll be honest, it’s hard to muster excitement for this second one and while I can appreciate the more stylised environments, it also looks a bit rough-and-ready. I’m not sure what this game is going to bring to the table that you can’t get from either a decently made arcade-style WW2 shooter, or ArmA 3 with a WW2 Mod.

MicroProse also hinted that there are more FPS-style games to come from their line-up, some from first-party studios and others from other third-party partners.

Are you excited for either of these two new games? Let us know in the comments!



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