Historic sim brand MicroProse returns (again) with three brand new wargames under its belt

By Joe Robinson 05 May 2020 3

If you were around for the original launches of Civilization & X-Com, chances are you’d recognise the name ‘MicroProse’. Founded in 1982 by Sid Meier and a man named Bill Stealey, it developed and published a range of games from Meier’s earlier works to games such as the F-15 franchise, Carrier Command and other more historic simulation titles.

It’s role in Civilization’s origins was rather short lived, as Meier left the company in 1993 just two years after the first game’s release. As a brand, it’s been knocking around the software industry for decades, but it’s not staging another ‘comeback’ with some very interesting titles under its belt.

Sea Power, Second Front & Task Force Admiral are all upcoming wargames we’ve talked about here on Wargamer before, but seeing them all again under such an iconic umbrella was certainly surprising.

In case you need a refresher, here are some basic details about each game.

Sea Power

Developed by the lead designer of the highly popular Cold Waters naval war game, Sea Power lets you control either NATO and Warsaw Pact naval forces in a modern conflict setting. It will not be a pure simulation, but will also have action/strategy elements as well, along with a focus on following set rules of engagement.

Second Front

This new upcoming WW2 strategy wargame is on the other end of the spectrum, offering a more accessible experience wrapped up in hex-based turn-based tactical gameplay. Featuring nearly 250 different unit types, this is a game that’s less about historically accurate scenarios, and more about offering a robust 3D engine and an editor to fight challenging engagements - historical or otherwise.

Task Force Admiral

This single-player experience wants to offer a fully immersive simulation environment, where you’re in charge of an American carrier group in 1942, in WW2’s Pacific Theatre. The focus is more on command and top-level strategy, although the battle environments can be rendered in full 3D if you want to witness the action first hand.

None of these games have official release windows yet, although if we’re lucky we might see Second Front by the end of the year, at least. The MicroProse of today began its journey last year when the brand was bought by Cybergun by one of the developers of a piece of military simulation software called TitanIM. We look forward to seeing what else the new team comes out with.



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