Military History: Commander Europe At War Announced for Handhelds

By Scott Parrino 05 Feb 2009 0

Gaming on handheld platforms has been around for decades but with each generation the technology improves.  Games coded for specific handheld platforms are often fun, but increasingly there has been a move to bring more sophisticated games to an adult audience.  Wargamers who own either a PSP or a DS may rejoice that the developers of the highly addictive PC game, Commander: Europe at War are now working on a conversion to those handheld platforms. 

The handheld version will offer the following features:

Handheld Platform Features

? Turn-based battles of World War II across several European countries

? Huge hex grid campaign map

? Six epic, extensive single-player scenarios, including Operation Barbarossa and D-Day

? 50 inventions from five different tech trees

? Recruitment of historical commanders for the player's own units

? In-game artwork by Osprey Publishing, a leading publisher of military history books

In addition a PC version of the game will be relaunched.  This version will not vary substantially from the previous version, but will include some updates and enhancements, including the faster multiplayer maps that will not be available for the original version.

Enhanced Features for the PC

? Addition of six quick play scenarios for multiplayer. Those cover the same time periods

as the original maps but can be played quicker as they are about a quarter of the size of the original game maps.

? Frame rate has been increased

? Updates to the moddable script file system to be more friendly to windows Vista and XP

? Improved AI reacts quickly to players' decisions

MILITARY HISTORY? Commander Europe at War for Nintendo DS?, PSP?(PlayStation®Portable) and PC will be released some time in the first quarter of this year.

In addition we have screenshots of the PSP and DS versions of the game.  Please click on the images to enlarge them to scale.

The PSP version

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 The DS Version

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