More Matrix – do they ever stop?

By Nik Gaukroger 19 May 2015 0

Just when we thought we’d caught up with the news coming out of the Matrix Games press machine they spring another couple of pieces on us. Another patch and how to get involved with their annual conference is the order of the day today. No doubt there will be something else later this week …

Distant Worlds may have been around a while now, however, Matrix have released a series of expansions for it and last year they released Distant Worlds – Universe which brought together the whole game in a single package. Now there is an update to version with improvements, changes and bug fixes! For example, major improvements to the private sector freighter system, AI improvements, fixes to achievements that were not being retained, and bases will now launch fighters at attackers even when they have no other weapons.

You can get the full details and download the update from here.



The other news is that Matrix/Slitherine are asking their players to join in and contribute at their annual developers conference. This is what they say:


“Just over one month to the opening of this year’s Home of Wargamers event and we need your contribution!

As you know, #HoW15 is all about the future of wargames. 30 developers will be meeting in CastelBrando to debate the market, exchange views and put their heads together to make the best games you could possibly play in the future.

What is it that you really want to see? What would you ask to Matrix Games, Slitherine and their development partners?

This is your chance to have all your questions answered, live! You can ask your questions by sending us an email to, posting on the forum or tweeting #HoW15 @MatrixGamesLtd.

Be part of it and help us build the future of wargaming!

Check the official site here.”


If you check out the official site you can see which developers are going – so if you want to pester somebody particular, this could be your chance.



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