Lock’n Load have remembered they’re making digital games

By Joe Robinson 10 Feb 2020 3

Since 2018 we’ve had two titles from Lock’ Load Digital on our ‘games to look forward to’ lists - Nations at War Digital, and Lock’n Load Tactical Digital. Unlike other games of theirs like Command Ops 2, these are digital adaptations of physical board games they’ve created in the past.

Apart from some super early trailers, however, news about these two titles has been rare. So much so that I haven’t bothered putting them on the 2020 lists for the moment. Seems like there may be cause for Nations at War Digital to make a comeback, however, as L’nL have recently published a new video showing the digital port in motion:

Other than “Available soon on Steam”, there’s no other information to go on. Lock’n Load was founded by David Heath, who originally founded Matrix Games back in the day. I would have thought given his background and the quality of Command Ops 2 they’d be a bit more active on the digital side, but at least we’ve finally heard something new about one of the upcoming titles.

I’d ask them all this myself, of course, but Lock’n Load have ignored every message request I’ve sent, so all I can do is wildly speculate from the sidelines. (Update: We have since established contact with LnL so it's all good. Nothing to see here-ED)

Have you played much of Lock’n Load’s wares? Are you looking forward to these new games? Let us know!



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