Nearly Two Weeks Later, Strategic Command Classic: WWII Joins the War

By Joe Robinson 17 Apr 2018 0

Strategic Command Classic: WWII is the latest of the Battlefront-era Strategic Command games to be re-released under the Matrix brand. Previously known as ‘Strategic Command: Blitzkrieg’ this new SKU is the Gold version of the base game (with the Weapons & Warfare update), as well as the Patton Drives East and the Pacific expansions.

Fury Software's latest game, Strategic Command WW2: War in Europe, is on our list of the best WW2 wargames.

It was due to release on April 5th, but technical difficulties delayed its deployment – we’ve just received word that it’s apparently all fixed, and you can now spend your hard-earned money on a 12-year-old game.

Like the other two re-releases, Strategic Command Classic: WW1 and Strategic Command Classic: Global Conflict, this is not strictly speaking a ‘new’ game; Matrix are taking over as publisher, so they have just re-branded it and converted the code for use with their own game launcher and Steam itself. No updates or development work – beyond the minimum needed – has been undertaken.


If you own the Battlefront version of the game you don’t actually need to buy this – Matrix should set you up with code for their version of the game, so this new release is only for people who’ve never played it before.

Our review will be going up tomorrow, so keep an eye on the website.

Strategic Command Classic: WW2 costs £11.99 / $14.99 and is available via Steam, or direct from the Matrix store (which gets you a Steam code anyway).



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