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By Scott Parrino 21 May 2009 0

Officers is an RTS that has been in development for several years.  As it approaches completion a couple of things stand out about it.  First, it offers massive real time strategy action and huge battles.  Second, it's a lot of fun to play.  The scale of the game is impressive.  Starting with an initial assault on Normandy, the player begins quite humbly.  However, as he begins to bring more troops into play and capture more resources, gradually the scope of the game expands.  Objectives fall and eventually, after hours of play, it dawned on me that I had been playing for a long time, wasn't even close to finishing the battle, and already had taken a vast swath of territory but had much more to go.

The scale of these screenshots is a bit deceptive.  The perspective seen here is but a small area of the map.  In this first screenshot, below, the hill in the distance is but one of many in the game.  The scale of the map is probably measured in miles.  It is possible to zoom into the wreckage of a fighter, but gamers should keep in mind that they may at some point be commanding so many units that the loss of a single plane is insigificant. 

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Following are some screenshots of the game.  Frankly, they don't begin to do justice to the size of the map.  The scale alone will set this game apart from other RTS games, but in addition, it's a lot of fun to play. 

Many of the RTS conventions, like resource gathering are here, but they aren't of the peasant-pushing variety.  As the player captures towns and supply dumps he gains access to more resources to call in more troops, which which to capture more territory.  What makes this more challenging is the AI.  Gradually the player will increase his troop levels to the point where he can begin to capture two or more objectives at the same time.  However, just when things start to hum, the enemy AI may send a raiding force behind his lines to steal back some of the objectives taken.  If care isn't taken to periodically check to make sure there is a holding force to slow down the AI, losses can quickly mount, cripling hard-won success. 

All of this makes for an enjoyable and challenging game.  While the game is still being polished this looks like it's going to be a hell of a good time.  Officers may not be a hardcore wargame, but it's a solid game nonetheless and fans of RTS games are likely to enjoy it.


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