New screenshots of upcoming 4X game, Polaris Sector emerge

19 Feb 2016 0

Developer SoftWarWare has released new screenshots for their upcoming 4X sci-fi extravaganza, Polaris Sector. The new screenshots show off the Diplomacy screen, the Ship Building interface, as well as several maps detailing the economic strength and other info for factions strewn across the cosmos. 

If you're not aware, Polaris Sector is a 4X game that drops you in an inhospitable sector of the galaxy where you'll have to compete with the locals for technology and resources. You'll have tech trees to comb through as well as a huge assortment of ships to either copy from existing prototypes or build from scratch, limited only by the ability of your engineers and scientists.

  • An epic and dangerous playground: randomly generate a galaxy able to host up to 900 stars.
  • Full customization: external threats, pirates, number of races… you can set up the world that fits your own tastes!
  • Full control over ship design: want to make a corvette into a drone carrier? Go ahead. Want to make a freighter into a scout? No problem. Your creativity is the only limit!
  • Explore: send scout vessels to find new mines to exploit, new planets to colonize, and to establish contact with other empires.
  • Innovative research system: technologies and equipment will get unlocked depending on your investments in fundamental and applied research.
  • Diplomacy: Dialogue with other factions to gain their favor, trade goods, and make military agreements to fight common enemies.
  • Command your troops: when a battle starts you can join the battlefield and maneuver your ships in a tactical mode. Alternatively use the auto-resolve mode when you have more urgent tasks to attend to in your empire.
  • Unique espionage system: seed false intelligence to enemy spies and lure them into a trap!

Polaris Sector is due to land on PC on March 22 from the Matrix Games site or Steam

And, now, the rest of those screenshots!

diplomacy screen

galaxy overview01

galaxy overview02 remade

military tech remade

new ship



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