New Screenshots Released for Call to Arms

By Wargamer Staff 18 Mar 2013 0

Digitalmindsoft, the developers behind Men of War and Men of War: Assault Wave released today a few new images for their upcoming strategy game Call to Arms. Set to be published by Lace Mamba Globa in Q1 of 2014, Call to Arms is currently in the crowd-funding stage, with rewards being given out to those that donate. The rewards range from access to the backer forum and newsletter to a collector-quality remote control M1A2 Abrams tank with engraved Call to Arms logo.

Call to Arms is known as the spiritual successor to Men of War series, and looks like it will be played in the same fashion, with real-time tactical control of units and squads. The game will initially have two sides with 20 realistically-modeled units and heavy weaponry, as well as 60 firearms and various customization. And much like Men of War, players will be able to directly control units in Call to Arms for more precise tactical use.

The reason for the crowd-funding is that while the team has enough money to start the project, additional funds will help in creating higher-resolution graphics, engine optimizations, and additional content.

UPDATE: The current total so far is 5,473? out of 100,000? with four days left. The gents over at Digitialmindsoft reached out to us to let us know that the crowd-funding counter here is only for an intermediate goal. Perhaps we will see more in the future?

Now for some visual goodness of the game in action:

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For more information and to join in on the crowd-funding goal, click here: LINK 



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