News Round-Up: New Releases, Holiday Sales, Retail Expansions & More!

By Joe Robinson 18 Nov 2016 0

It’s been a while since we’ve done an update, so we thought we’d widen the scope a bit to include news and announcements from the wider world of wargaming. I’m told the world doesn’t just revolve around Slitherine/Matrix Games. Who knew?

Matrix Games News & Releases Re-Cap

Your favourite wargaming company hasn’t been idle these past few weeks – a couple of high-profile releases kicked off the start of the month, which we covered in great detail.

Order of Battle: Blitzkrieg – Released on November 10th, this is the latest expansion to the Order of Battle platform which finally see’s the game head to Europe. As the player, you take control of the Wehrmacht as they Invade Poland, Norway and Moscow. You can read our review here as well peruse Jeff’s in-depth analysis of the Specialization System and Core Force Import Tool.

Strategic Command WW2: War in Europe – Released yesterday, in many ways this is Matrix’s answer to Hearts of Iron IV. This game focuses on the European theatres of operation, and puts you in charge of either the Axis or Allied powers through several scenarios. It’s an operational-level game, so be prepared to be dealing with Army and Corps sized units.

Jeff gave us some pre-release insight into the naval game and then fleshed out his thoughts for the review. There’s still plenty to talk about on this beast of a game though, so stay tuned for more content in the future!


Panzer Corps Tournament - Yeah, that’s still going on – the successful commanders have reached the Semi-Final stage, which is taking place this week with the deadline for matches being next Monday, November 21st. Head over the forums to keep up with the action!

Order of Battle: Pacific Pack – We’ll finish off this segment with some more Order of Battle news. Matrix has announced they’re releasing a ‘Pacific Pack’ via Steam for anyone who’s still missing any expansions for the game. There are 4 Campaign Packs set in the Pacific Theatre: U.S. Pacific, U.S. Marines, Morning Sun and Rising Sun. Regardless of whether you’re getting one or all of them, this completion pack will be running at a 40% discount!

Fantasy Flight Games Holiday Sale

Fantasy Flight Games have kicked off their holiday sale, with discounts being applied to a range of board and wargame products, including Battlelore, Dust Tactics and even Warhammer: 40,000 Conquest. FFG is owned by Asmodee, which is also having a sale across all of its lines and brands.

We imagine they’re simply keen to get rid of old stock, especially with Conquest (a 40K based card-game) since their license deal with Games Workshop has ended, they can’t make any more.

Games Workshop Taking Blood Bowl Pre-Orders

Speak of the devil - Games Workshop is taking pre-orders for the new edition of Blood Bowl. There’s been a lot of anticipation for this one, especially since the UK behemoth announced that they were going to be supporting their specialist ranges again. Maybe we’ll see Battlefleet Gothic or Epic 40K return?

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If fantasy football is your thing though, you can place your orders hereWARNING: It’s not cheap (surprise surprise).

Warlord Games Enters Retail

This is something worth taking note of: Warlord Games, the creators of Bolt Action, Beyond the Gates of Antares and Hail Caeser, have announced their finally getting their own physical shop. All we know is that it’s coming and that there are pictures and the current assumption is that it’ll be in Nottingham where their HQ is (and also where a certain other UK miniature company is based).

It’ll be good to see some real competition in wargaming retail and we’re expecting to hear some more news on this over the next few weeks.

This article covers games developed and/or published by the Slitherine Group. For more information, please see the About Us page. 



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