News Round-Up – Panzers, Privateers & (VI)P Betas

By Joe Robinson 10 Mar 2017 1

After the whirlwind of new announcements that was last week’s round-up, things are a little tamer here this week although no less exciting. We’ve got a special treat for readers today as well, so make sure you read all the way through to not miss out on a great opportunity.

Panzer Corps 2

This was the big announcement from Matrix/Slitherine this week – Panzer Corps 2! We haven’t heard anything from the classic turn-based wargame since last year, and now we know why.

Not the most exciting of game announcements, it has to be said. There were no gameplay details other than that the game is being made in Unreal Engine 4, nor even were there promotional screenshots. A shame; we’ve already had a sneak peek of the game behind the scenes and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We’ll get you more details as soon as we can!

Matrix/Slitherine Steam Sale

Your favourite wargame publisher is also having a sale on Steam as well across their entire catalogue. You can see the details and the list of discounts here, so jump on them while you can.

Day of Infamy

Day of Infamy, an up-coming WW2 shooter newcomer Martynas talked about earlier this week, finally has as release date. It will be leaving Steam’s Early Access program on March 23rd, 2017.

We’ll have a full review published not long after that.

20170225102536 2

Privateer Press

The creators of Warmachines & Hordes miniature games have had a couple of bits of news this week. First off, starting July 2017 the company will no longer include printed cards with their figures and kits. Players will need to view the cards through the War Room 2 companion app [iOS | Android], which has IAPs for additional faction decks. Or they can download an online PDF for some print-and-play.

For players desperate to own a physical card, a print-on-demand service should also be launching between April & July, although we’ll need to see what the cost is like. Hats off to ICv2 for the tip on that one.

battle engine photo

On a slighter sadder note, Privateer Press have also announced they are closing down their ‘Press Gang’ volunteer program. This was aimed at enlisting enthusiastic players to host and run events to build up the player base in their local area. An official statement from Privateer mentions that they don’t feel they can support this and their retail partners to the full extent each deserves, so they have to shut the volunteer program down.

Scuttle-butt is that this move might also have something to do with the 2016 class-action lawsuits levied against Wizards of the Coast regarding their own volunteer program. Either way, more official retail entities are the place to go for official tournaments and events now.

Fantasy Flight Games

RuneWars Miniatures Game – in their wonderful tradition of announcing stuff before the core game has been released, FFG has announced some RuneWars expansion packs before the core game has been released. There are six in all, three for each faction, and you can read all the details here.

rwm boxes 2

X-Wing: Miniatures Game – Fantasy Flight have also released a new FAQ for X-Wing. Version 4.3.0 contains a lot of errata, clarifications and nerfs encompassing both core set rules and specific cards, so if you’re a player make sure you keep yourself up to date with the latest changes.

Steel Divisions: Normandy ’44 VIP Beta

We’ve been invited to take part in a VIP beta that’s taking place next week, between March 15th & March 20th. We had to sign up to the Beta via a form, but the good news is that Eugen have allowed up to 50 Wargamer readers to also sign up to this beta using the same link. The link will stop working once all the keys has been assigned.

You can sign up to the beta here. 

The form needs to be completed in full, and you also need to read and sign an NDA that essentially means you’re not allowed to post pics, vids or generally discuss what you saw openly. We’re under the same restrictions, although I’ll be asking if we can write up some initial coverage.

In the meantime, we’d recommend you read this great break-down from our brothers in arms over at PCGamesN, based on conversations they’ve had with the developer at GDC.

That’s all for this week’s update. Let us know if you do sign up to the beta in the comments below, otherwise happy gaming! What are you going to be playing this weekend?



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