No Sympathy for the Devil

By Nik Gaukroger 26 Feb 2015 0

Back in the depths of November 2014 Slitherine released a new fantasy game – Hell – developed by Hunted Cow using Slitherine’s Battle Academy 2 engine; the one also used in Slitherine’s successful Pike and Shot game. As with the latter Hell now moves to the iPad platform.
At the PC version release a rather good promo video was produced; as we enjoyed it, here it is again:

Slitherine press stuff reads …


Epsom, UK - February 26, 2015 

Demons are invading your iPad today!


"The path to paradise begins in hell" (Dante - Italian Poet)

The angelic and peaceful kingdom of Gilrand is in great danger. In the underworld, hordes of infernal creatures have managed to build dark magical gates able to bring them to the surface and launch a terrible invasion on this mythical land. Led by the Lord Devil in person, merciless demons are raiding the defenceless Human world. To repel such a despicable attack, humanity can only rely on an holy and mysterious order of fearless knights, priests, and wizards known as “The Order of Radiance”. An epic fight between these two fundamentally opposed factions is bound to begin!
Since its PC release last November, HELL has been further polished by developer Hunted Cow, receiving a major update which added brand new game modes. And today we are happy to announce that the game is also available on iPad! A few extra months of work have made this version perfectly optimized for a smooth and comfortable gaming experience on tablets.
All of the elements that seduced the PC players have been implemented in this adaptation. 2 story-driven campaigns, a random map generator, a unique skirmish mode that allows players to generate an infinite number of customized scenarios, versus and cooperative modes in multiplayer supported by cross-platform technology, plenty of characters with passive and active abilities, and a colourful and vibrant fantasy background come together for an hellish tactical journey on iPad!
Get more information on HELL from its official iTunes page.



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