Adeptus and The Greater Good - Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Updates Ahoy

By Alex Connolly 11 Jun 2016 4

It's been a rather swell year for the RTS, or RTT. Or just anything that moves in real-time. No greater example is Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, which we very much loved. And like any billion-tonne combat cathedral burning through the void, one cannot simply stop on a dime. The fleet must move, and rightly so.

If you hemmed and hawed in trying your hand at Gothic sector dreadnoughting - Imperial Navy Dauntlesses with Firestorms flensing subsystems, just trust me - but need a little sweetener, June 21 marks the deployment of the Space Marine fleet faction and the cut-off date to receive both it and the following Tau fleet DLC completely free. Any purchase thereafter will incur the crossing of palms with Throne Gelt, or the 2016AD monetary equivalent thereof.

Good news also comes in the form of Update 1.4.8073c, bringing a couple of interesting new twists to the table and a slew of tweaks, fixes and tempering. Features as follows: 

  • Subsystems Temporary critical damages have been added to the game. Subsystems temporary critical damages disable parts just like permanent critical damage, but can be repaired with Emergency Repairs. Only Weaponry, Boarding Actions, Pathfinder Assault and Avatar of Khaine can deal subsystems permanent critical damages. All other assault actions (Lightning strikes and affiliated (excepted Avatar of Khaine), Shokk-Attack Mega Kannon, Boardin’ Torpedoes, etc…) can only cause subsystems temporary critical damages. 
  • Added : Russian language 
  • An option allows you to select a specific region to prioritize researches of an opponent in PvP. 
  • The chat in the Battle Report is now available. 
  • The “Co-op versus AI mode” is now available in Skirmish.

The most welcome for me is the comp-stomp, by which all good games are measured. Nothing beats a weekend decompression with willing friend and artificial foe. And, of course, good news for our Russian comrades.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada joins Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak in games I don't mind being drip-fed skirmish and multiplayer factions for, but ultimately hold out hope for campaign expansions. Both games sport inspired single player content, and if more could be wrung from Battlefleet Gothic, the grim darkness of the far future would remain a very bright prospect. 



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