On Towards Warsaw

By Matthew Flanigan 05 Mar 2014 0

This is the fourth part of an LP/AAR of Fall Weiss, the first game in the new campaign series by Wasteland Interactive. In this video I discuss the history of the German Invasion of Poland my progress vs history, the recent greenlighting of Fall Weiss, and other events pertaining to my play-through.



First part of the AAR: http://wargamer.com/article/3516/after-action-report-poland-invaded

Second part of the AAR: http://wargamer.com/article/3522/after-action-report-fall-weiss-continued

Third part of the AAR: http://wargamer.com/article/3529/video-aar-poland-fights-back


Developer page - http://wastelands-interactive.pl/index.php/games/fall-weiss

Buy at GamersGate - http://www.gamersgate.co.uk/DD-FAW/fall-weiss




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