One Page Rules releases big update which includes a brand new game

By Joe Robinson 04 Feb 2020 0

The folks over at One Page Rules are known for their incredibly streamlined, almost reductive, conversions of Games Workshops games. The punchline is that they’ve essentially distilled the entirety of, say Warhammer 40K into a thematic rule set that fits on a single piece of A4 (hence, ‘one page’ rules).

Their other main games include an Age of Sigmar conversion, and then Skirmish varirants for both AoS and 40K; all of which have been bleached of any copyright-able material to avoid law-suits. They’ve also got a range of ‘one-off’ rulesets that explore particular themes or miniature lines that get less support, but are kept around if they prove popular. This can range from their own take on Blood Bowl, to a racing game or generic modern warfare.

They’ve recently released a sweeping update of a number of their main and one-off rules, as well as releasing a brand new ‘one-off’ called Covering Fire! Covering Fire is a platoon-scale war game that requires no range finding equipment and doesn’t have a fixed turn structure.

Essentially, players can keep activating their units until something negative happens, such as missing a shot or failing a morale test, and has a very streamlined system for movement:

As an infantry game focussed on rifle and mg squads all units are always assumed to be in range, and movement is done in a straight line from cover to cover, so no measuring is required at all, making for a super fast experience.

The rules are not only setting agnostic, but also scale agnostic since there are no hard-coded numbers for movement. In terms of other ‘One Off’ updates, their fleet battle game has been renamed to ‘War Fleets’ from Orion’s Gate to make it more setting agnostic, and they’ve also added some extra rules for DoubleTap.

Coming back to their 40k/Fantasy spin-offs - they’ve released a bunch of smaller changes, but also a new faction for the Age of Fantasy game. Check out the announcement post for the full details.



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