Open-Door Policy - Steam Summer Sale Day #9

By Alex Connolly 02 Jul 2016 0

Day #9 - Door Kickers

I'm not going to beat about the bush. They'd hear the rustling, anyhow. Go and snag Door Kickers right now. I'll wait.

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Now that KillHouse Games' effort is yours, let's quickly run over why you've made the best impulse purchase of 2016's summer sale.

Door Kickers' brand of top-down, apolitical SWATtery is fast, furious and unfettered by turn-based temporality. Players drag their units around a variety of real estate, punching and adjusting any number of special actions into timelines with every tap of the pause button. Operators can strafe, flash bang, door-cam as one would expect, sweeping for tangos and innocents as fast and cleanly as possible. Don't think the game's real-time rambunctiousness means any less room for skill or management. Door Kickers is no picnic.

And you'll die aplenty.

The game's lethality is measured by an arcade-level restart system. Intensity never decays as you punch harder and heavier with every lesson learned and cop lost. It's a system that drives for a better, cleaner sweep across its varied mission design. Door Kickers is as much a racing game as a tactical squad strategy. Better lines, logical routes, honed reactions. Whether you play on tablet or here -- or both, because default Door Kickers on a Win10 touch device is actually pretty damn good -- each mission is daring you to improve your score. If Frozen Synapse had a rogue younger brother raised on Cops, it'd be Door Kickers.

Good kill, officer.

Door Kickers / -85%



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