Order of Battle moving beyond the Pacific and taking on an entire world at war

01 Jun 2016 1

Order of Battle is one of the best wargames out there and if you don't believe me (which you probably shouldn't) you should believe our man James Cobb who claimed that no gamer interested in the Pacific should pass it up. Over the past few months, it's opened up the campaign to include the Second Sino-Japanese War as well as including exploits of the U.S. Marines. Today, Slitherine announced that it will be opening up to much more than that in the near future. In fact, it will be handling World War II in its entirety.

In order to handle the entire conflict, Order of Battle: Pacific is going to soon transform into three separate products. Order of Battle: World War II will be the base game and include training sessions as well as the first mission of each DLC. Order of Battle: U.S Pacific is the first DLC and will include the American Pacific campaign. Order of Battle: Rising Sun is the other DLC and will include the Japanese Pacific campaign. 

What's the hook? Well, Order of Battle: World War II will be completely free to download with only the DLC costing any real cash. Before those of you who already own Order of Battle freak out about having already paid for this content, not to worry. Current owners of the game will receive the base game and the Rising Sun and U.S. Pacific campaigns for free, not to mention any other DLC you might have already purchased.

If you're interested in the editor or playing multiplayer (as any currently available faction), only one DLC purchase is needed to unlock both of those capabilities.

We don't have an exact date when all these changes will be going live other than "soon". We're also not sure when new DLC covering other theaters of WW2 will launch, however, we do know they were working on Winter War based on the Soviet exploits in Finland. I would expect that to be our first foray out of the Pacific.

If you want to pick up OoB: Pacific before the big changes come down, you can nab it on Steam for PC/Mac



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