Order of Battle: Pacific expanding again, this time with U.S. Marines

12 Feb 2016 0

It's only been a couple weeks since the last expansion for Order of Battle: Pacific, Morning Sun, landed on our laptops. Thus, when I spotted another press release for Order of Battle in my inbox this morning, I assumed it had something to do with Morning Sun and the Second Sino-Japanese War. I was wrong. Very wrong. No, this press release introduced me to an entirely new expansion for Order of Battle and it's called U.S. Marines. When do The Artistocrats sleep? Your guess is as good as mine.

This new expansion follows the exploits of the elite American fighting force on their island hopping campaign of 1942-45. Included will be 11 new scenarios from Tulagi and Guadalcanal all the way to Iwo Jima. You'll need new units to fill those 11 scenarios, so how about:

  • M2A4 Light Tank
  • DUKW Amphibious Truck
  • Marine Scouts
  • Mortar Infantry
  • F2A Buffalo
  • Captured Shinhoto Chi-Ha
  • BB Kongō
  • Concrete Bunkers

Besides the new faction (U.S. Marines), you'll also gain the ability of support fire for your heavy infantry as well as changes to the editor such as new trigger effects and disabling production.

U.S. Marines is currently in beta for PC/Mac. If you'd like to help test, go ahead and sign up here. No rock solid ETA on this one, but the press release does mention "a smooth release in a few weeks." Let's keep our fingers crossed.



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