Order of Battle: Pacific latest expansion, Morning Sun, gets a release date

By Dave Neumann 15 Jan 2016 0

We already knew that the fabulous Order of Battle: Pacific was getting a new expansion covering the war between Japan and China that started two years before World War II. What we weren't sure of was when we'd be able to play it. Today, Slitherine announced that we can expect the new expansion, Morning Sun, to arrive on January 28.

Morning Sun adds not only the Second Sino-Japanese War, but everything that comes with it. That means new units for the Japanese such as biplane fighters and Soko Sagyo Ki flamethrower-equipped engineering vehicles (say that three times fast). It also means you get to play the Chinese army which has been built up with foreign arms, such as Tupolev bombers and T-26 tanks. In total, there are nearly 100 new units to play with.

The game also introduces horses for cavalry units and transportation, as well as construction groups that can quickly build new airstrips wherever you need them.

Morning Sun is an expansion for Order of Battle: Pacific, and as such you need the base game to play it. You can pick up Order of Battle: Pacific now for PC/Mac at Slitherine or on Steam for $40.



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