Order of Battle: Pacific Stream - Battle of Okinawa

By Nik Gaukroger 28 Apr 2015 0

Last week we published an interview with Lukas Nijsten of The Artistocrats about their new game, Order of Battle: Pacific due out shortly and published by Slitherine. When we asked about some additional information about the game, gameplay, and the like they suggested that perhaps the best way for our readers to find out was to watch a game in progress. And so they have kindly allowed us to embed a video of the game being played by two of their producers.

As we have previously noted the game itself bears some resemblance to Panzer Corps in look and feel, however, there are a number of significant differences. In our interview Lukas mentioned the following and I think this bears repeating before you dive in and see the game in action:

“Aside from the graphics the most obvious difference must be the addition of a supply system. This means positioning of units and keeping a solid front-line is very important. With supply sources capable of maintaining only limited amounts of units, digging a whole army in around a single victory point is a recipe for defeat. This seemingly simple feature has a profound impact of how the game is played.

This mechanic means a sloppy advance may be punished hard. When units are cut from supply their efficiency drops each turn. If you can reconnect the supply quickly the damage can be minimized, but if unattended for several turns even the most powerful spearhead will  be reduced to a defenseless mob.

OoB also has more detailed combat mechanics, with more different combat statistics and special rules for air and naval combat. This, combined with a large range of special abilities – such as mine-laying, sonar sweeps, bridge building, etc – make for a slightly more complex gameplay. The difficult terrain of most of the Pacific theater scenarios also lead to a generally slower paced game.”

We will be brining you our own review of the game when  it is released, but for now here is the game stream as supplied by Slitherine:




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