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By Joe Robinson 20 Apr 2018 0

There hasn’t really been enough news this week to do a full Wargamer Weekly, so we’re just going to write up any choice stories that we haven’t covered yet.

Matrix Games released some new information at the start of the week looking at some of the scenarios that will be available in the upcoming Order of Battle expansion, Sandstorm. Sandstorm throws the player into the North African campaign in 1940, shortly after Rommel turns up with German forces to stop the British advance.

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These aren’t all of the scenarios, and we haven’t copied over the historical background for the scenario, only how it is represented in the game. We recommend checking out the full dev-diary for some wider background.

Scenario: Tobruk

This is the first scenario of the campaign, and it'll allow the player to fill their corps with German and Italian units.

The map itself provides several routes of advance once the first line is breached and all require the use of motorized transportation for Infantry. Your Supply dwindles with time and it is imperative to acquire your opponent’s supply bases in order to keep the offensive going.


Many historical events could repeat themselves, like the blowing of supply bases during the British retreat, capturing General O’Connor, or even Australian units moving towards Tobruk while the rear-guard is protecting their retreat. Other things could go differently than what happened in history, like the capture of Tobruk itself.

Since capturing Tobruk is a secondary objective and a very challenging one to achieve, the player is allowed to fulfil their primary objectives first before proceeding to secondary ones.

Scenario: Crusader

Given this was historically a German defeat, Matrix have set it so you can't be utterly crushed in this scenario. You can either crush the Allied forces and change history or, if the pressure becomes to strong, you can authorize a strategic withdrawal and fight another day at the Gazala line. This means that this is the spot where the campaign branches before it rejoins again at the semi-historical invasion of Malta (Herkules, below).


This scenario also has two variant setups depending on whether Tobruk was captured in the previous scenario. If Tobruk is already held by the Axis, then the Allies will not try to relieve it, but they will be trying to take it back. This brings different starting positions and a few tricky changes in strategy by the British.

The Scenario itself is intense and demanding, with many areas to cover. Will you form a defence line in front of the Allies or will you rush into their rear to destroy supply and hamper their army? If the Allies re-establish a link/control of Tobruk, don’t worry, you will get a second chance to nullify their gains but in a tight time limit.

Scenario: Gazala

The Allied unit dispositions, including minefields, were made based on historical sources. Rommel’s greatest victory will ask nothing less of you. As long as you avoid heavy defenses in the north momentum can be maintained. The Southern part of the map, as well as the rear, provides more approaches.


The Secondary objectives are lined up in a way to facilitate your path to victory and maintain focus, as well as being historically inspired. Transport cargo trucks will give you actual supply output to help fight against dwindling supply over time.

Also, besides controlling territory you are tasked to destroy the British Army. But do not worry, if they are cut from their rear this will cause units to abandon heavily dug in positions and make them easier to destroy.

Scenario: Herkules (semi-historical)

This Scenario is based on the planned (but eventually cancelled) invasion of Malta. It features airborne and amphibious landings followed by land combat, while the Regia Marina holds the Royal Navy at bay. On top of this there is also a need to control the skies.

But, before the scenario escalates into a full scale battle involving all military branches, its elements are introduced gradually and in subsequent phases.

The first phase is the airborne invasion with the task of establishing an operational airfield. The player can select the difficulty of this task. They can aim for more airfields at the same time at the expense of a dispersed and more vulnerable force or they can concentrate on fewer objectives but with stronger force concentration. Higher the risk, higher the reward!

Operation Herkules

The Second phase includes seaborne landings but, in order for it to start, certain coastal batteries need to be neutralized first. There are several landing places to choose from and it is wise to destroy the coastal batteries covering those approaches.

In the third phase of attack you are to proceed to your objectives whilst at the same time protecting the supply routes of the land forces on the island. The Royal Navy will be alerted by this time and only thing between them and your invasion force is the Regia Marina.

Scenario: Kasserine Pass

The objectives in this scenario depict this strategic dilemma. The Victory objectives are contradictory to one another, meaning you can achieve only one and never both.

Whatever choice you make, it will make a difference in the subsequent scenarios. Will you wait for an Allied attack on the Tunisian bridgehead or bring battle to the enemy?

We'll update this article as more scenario information is released. In the mean time, enjoy your weekends, and happy gaming!



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