Origins 2004

By Scott Parrino 26 Jun 2004 0


Unlike E3, the computer and video game industry's mega budget orgy of lights and PR blitzes, the annual Origins Gaming Convention is far more a gamers' convention.  Plus, the games on display are more often tabletop (board, miniature and card games) rather than computer-based, creating a community play environment that's most comparable to the fantasy-oriented GenCon.  Origins is a great fit for underground and niche gaming genres, including wargaming on computers and tabletops.

This year's Origins Convention was held from June 24th to June 27th in Columbus, Ohio.  The Wargamer's Michael Eckenfels was on hand to report on the latest in computer and board games shown at the convention.  On hand were computer game publishers Shrapnel and Matrix Games, as well as several board wargaming companies, including GMT Games, Avalanche Press, Columbia Games, and Mayfair Games.  Below is a list of our coverage of this year's Origins 2004.


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Michael Eckenfels is the Director of Review and Preview Production at The Wargamer, a technical writer, and full-time gamer living in the urban mosquito sprawl known as Houston, Texas. Besides writing freelance for a number of software, board game, and gaming magazines, Michael works on playtesting new titles. Otherwise, a few moments of peace with his family is occasionally welcomed.



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