Wargames Design Studio release more Panzer Battles Upgrades

By Joe Robinson 15 Jul 2019 2

It’s been a while since we’ve had the pleasure of commenting on what Wargame Design studio have been up to do. The indie software house dedicated to working on JTS and JTS-style games have been busy working on their three Panzer Battles games – Kursk, Normandy and North Africa 1941.

Fun Fact: It turns out that, until very recently, people purchasing Kursk or Normandy were receiving V1.0 and not the most recent versions. Oops!

panzer battles update 2

All three games have been given another pass, although North Africa 1941 has the least amount of changes as it only came out last years vs. 2014’s Kursk. One of the main areas of improvement is the user interface, as well as the addition of a time saving hotkey function. The default  graphics package is also being update, although the old-style will still remain available

There’s a bunch more, and you can read the full update as well as see some nice visuals on the official blog-post, as well as where to grab the patches.

WDS plan to update the demo next, so watch this space!



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