Watch 40 glorious minutes of Panzer Corps 2 Gameplay

By Joe Robinson 07 May 2019 0

Slitherine & Matrix Games have started running monthly streams covering everything from new announcements to behind-the-scenes looks at upcoming games. Last month they dropped bombshells like Fantasy General II, so these are streams that are definitely worth paying attention to.

This month they took a step back from blowing our minds to taking stock of what’s currently in the works. The main star of the show was Panzer Corps 2 and viewers were treated to a first ever look at some real-time gameplay, which was a very welcome sight. Panzer Corps 2 is feature complete at this point, and we’re treated to two different gameplay snippets show-casing the game in action and different tactical scenarios that you can try and overcome using the various mechanics available.

We’ve embedded the full stream below – the Panzer Corps 2 action starts at around the 15 minute mark and carries on through to 58:00:00, so lots to take in!

There's also a revamped product page on Matrix's webiste, as well as brand new Steam page with fresh assets etc... You also might want to watch the first 15 minutes or so for the news announcements Marco goes through – including a brand-new Close Combat trailer (which they’re confident is releasing this year).



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