Panzer Corps 2 - release date, features, price and everything else we know!

By Joe Robinson 05 Apr 2018 2

Panzer Corps 2 is the upcoming sequel to Matrix Games & Slitherine’s acclaimed turn-based wargame Panzer Corps. Currently the most popular successor to the legacy of Panzer General, Panzer Corps’ take on operational-level wargaming lets players command vast armies and fight massive battles in a way that’s manageable, yet still complex and engaging.

Panzer Corps 2 is being developed by Flashback Games and will feature a new 3D engine and other features that will bring the iconic wargame into the modern era. We’ve collected everything we know about the project so far – gameplay, release date information, specs, multiplayer, and more!


Panzer Corps 2 Release Date

Slitherine and Matrix Games always hold information regarding release dates pretty close to the chest. If we’re lucky, we might get a rough window but at the moment they've only committed to a 2018 release. Ultimately, we won’t find out the exact date until they're ready.

Panzer Corps 2 Announcement Trailer

Panzer Corps 2 Beta

The Panzer Corps 2 beta hasn’t started yet, and there's no official information as when it will be rolled out. We will update this section with further details as and when they are announced.


Panzer Corps 2 Game Features

  • There will be over 450 individual units and unit types in the game at launch.
  • Will feature a new 3D design (made with Unreal Engine 4), with units appearing ‘larger than life’ in a manner similar to Field of Glory 2, although the terrain features are more noticeable and pronounced.
  • The game is still hex-based, but with the new engine and visual design the hexes are going to be a bit more subtle on the map.
  • The maps are now dynamically/procedurally generated using their new content generator.
  • There will be a day/night cycle, as well as dynamic weather that will change how the map looks.
  • Supply is coming to Panzer Corps thanks to the inclusion of ‘Overrun’ and ‘Encirclement’ combat mechanics.
  • Units can now split into two, weaker versions of the same unit and recombine. This can be useful for encirclement, mentioned above.
  • When units gain ‘hero’ status, you know get to choose a special ability to augment their performance. These can include things like extra attack power, enhanced defence or even command abilities.
  • Air combat is being improved – every airplane is now tied to an airfield that will be a hex-feature. You can attack and destroy the airfields to cause air units to run out of fuel and/or ammo.
  • Airfield hexes may be able to be repaired under certain circumstances.
  • There will be some land-only, and some naval-only campaign missions (with naval combat also getting an overhaul similar to air combat).
  • The tech progression will be returning, and further to that they will add into the game the ability to 'prototype' upcoming new units. How these units perform and what you do with them could affect the final mass-production version.

Panzer Corps 2 Multiplayer

You will be able to play with up to 7 other people (so 8-players total) on the same map in both PvP AND PvE modes.

Multiplayer will be live, not via Matrix’s staple PBEM system that most of their other games use. The ‘how’ of this has yet to be determined, but there are examples of other titles that haven't used PBEM include; Empires Apart, which uses Steam’s back-end for multiplayer, and Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock, which used a third-party middle-ware company for online matches.


Panzer Corps 2 DLC Model

The specifics haven’t been talked about yet, but Matrix are able to share the basics:

  • They will be taking inspiration from the Paradox model.
  • They don’t want to simply replicate the ‘Grand Campaign’ model from Panzer Corps as that’s been done already and they doubt consumers would respond favourably to it.
  • Doing historical battles is also a potential issue due to the dynamic maps - unless they created them by hand, the battlespace wouldn't resemble the historical geography of an area.
  • They are already including the majority of units that fought in WW2, so doing ‘unit packs’ doesn’t make much sense either.

Panzer Corps 2 Price & Pre-Order Incentives

We have no information regarding price, game bundles or pre-order incentives at this time.

That’s everything we know about Panzer Corps 2 so far! Have you spotted any new information or want us to find out something specific? Let us know in the comments!



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