Panzer Corps 2 Release Date Announced

By Joe Robinson 20 Jan 2020 1

We now have a cast-iron, 100% set-in-stone* release date for Panzer Corps 2. Come March, you’ll be able to finally get your hands on the long-awaited sequel to what is arguably the current front-runner in terms of Panzer General successors.

*Not actually set in stone.

The full release date is set for March 19th, 2020.

It’s a bit later than we’d like considering they’ve been working on this for a while now, but we’re glad there we’re finally on the home stretch. Panzer Corps 2 looks to completely reinvent itself as a more ‘modern’ Panzer General game, being less puzzly and more focused on Operational-level warfare across different theatres. Matrix Games/Slitherine are currently talking about the announcement and the game in general over on their Twitch channel, which has just started.

Panzer Corps 2 Campaign Screen

If you can’t remember what they’ve added to the game, here's quick summary of just some of the highlights:

  • 1,000 unit types compared to Panzer Corps 1’s 700 in the latest patch
  • 61 scenarios in the single player campaign compared to Panzer Corps 1’s original 26
  • Random map generator for Skirmish, both single player and Multiplayer
  • Live MP, Hotseat and PBEM
  • A much more powerful Scenario Editor
  • Up to eight players, compared to Panzer Corps 1’s two. Flexible alliance configuration for co-op mode, free for all, etc
  • Simultaneous unit actions to greatly speed up player’s and especially AI’s turns
  • Much more options to customize game interface, terrain, units, animations, redefine all hotkeys etc.
  • New systems for aerial and naval warfare.
  • Configurable undo system. Choose how you want the undo system to work in your game.

In an unusual turn of events, Slitherine will even be opening this game up to pre-orders - exact date TBC. If you’re wondering how Panzer Corps 2 is shaping up at the moment, we’ve been given access to the preview build with a handful of scenarios to test out. Bill will tell you his thoughts about it on Wednesday when his usual column goes up.

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