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Panzer Corps 2 is the upcoming sequel to Matrix Games & Slitherine’s acclaimed turn-based WW2 wargame Panzer Corps. Currently the most popular successor to the legacy of Panzer General, Panzer Corps’ take on operational-level wargaming lets players command vast armies and fight massive battles in a way that’s manageable, yet still complex and engaging.

Panzer Corps 2 is being developed by Flashback Games and will feature a new 3D engine and other features that will bring the iconic wargame into the modern era. We’ve collected everything we know about the project so far – features, release date information, specs, multiplayer, and more!


Panzer Corps 2 Release Date

Slitherine and Matrix Games always hold information regarding release dates pretty close to the chest. This was originally expected to release late 2018, then sometime in 2019, and now the firm have finally confirmed it's unlikely to release until early 2020 now. Hopefully the extra time will be worth it.


Panzer Corps 2 Game Features

General, Graphics & Modding

  • There will be over 450 individual units and unit types in the game at launch. Specifically, every unit and faction that appeared in Panzer Corps 1 will be in Panzer Corps 2 at launch, with a few extra units thrown in for good measure.
  • Will feature a new 3D design (made with Unreal Engine 4), with units appearing ‘larger than life’ in a manner similar to Field of Glory 2 - the devs feel this is an important visual distinction for these kinds of games. Terrain features are clean pronounced. Panzer Generals 2 is cited as an inspiration for the visual design.
  • The turn limit on scenarios will still be there, however they are adding an option to allow players to turn it off. They will balance scenarios so that players can't exploit this to farm useful resources.
  • the Core Slots mechanic is getting tweaked so that better units cost more slots as opposed to the straight 1:1 ratio of the first game.
  • The game's UI has been overhauled so it can scale to any screen-size, shape and resolution, making it adaptable and practical. (See Note 3)
  • The game is still hex-based, but with the new engine and visual design the hexes are going to be a bit more subtle on the map.
  • The maps can now be dynamically/procedurally generated using their new content generator - this is its own separate mode of play, and is different to the historical campaign content. Can feature up to eight players (See Note 2).
  • The game will launch with a brand new Wehrmacht campaign that will be in-between the original PC1 campaign and the Grand Campaign in terms of size. It will feature both the European and American theatres "in a single interconnected tree of scenarios" (See Note 1).
  • There will be a day/night cycle, as well as dynamic weather that will change how the map looks. 
  • The tech progression will be returning, and further to that they will add into the game the ability to 'prototype' upcoming new units. How these units perform and what you do with them could affect the final mass-production version.
  • Panzer Corps 2 will support as much modding as the previous game and more, with the team looking towards providing a mod manager. Mod tools and the map editor will be provided from day one.

Note 1 (Campaign): Our design goal is to make various historical and fictional branches well balanced in terms of length and interest, in order to improve campaign replayability. We hope that the new campaign will offer a sufficiently fresh and different gameplay experience.

Note: 2 (Dynamic Maps): With such a random generator in place, the next logical step will be to generate full-blown random campaigns, based on date range, number of scenarios and opposing factions selected by the player. Another possibility is to integrate a few random scenarios into a classic, human-designed campaign.

Note 3 (UI): We are making sure that all information about unit stats, traits, game rules etc. is available directly on screen or in the tooltips and is easy to find. All commands will also be available on the screen and easily discoverable, without relying on hot keys and other obscure means to invoke a function. We can’t wait to show the new UI in action.

PC2 Dev Diary 5

Sources: Dev Diary #3, Dev Diary #4


AI has been reworked from scratch to incorporate more modern techniques, and to allow for the new approaches to map generation etc... 

The new AI is designed and implemented with random maps and random campaigns in mind. This means that it cannot rely on AI scripting at all. It must be able to figure out the structure of any map on its own, achieve any kind of scenario objective and try to prevent the opponent from doing the same. It can also purchase and deploy its whole army in case there are no preconfigured units in a given scenario.

On the other hand, AI scripting options in Panzer Corps 2 are also richer than in its predecessor. This means that it is possible to fine-tune the AI to exact desired behavior, which can be useful in a historical setting.

Land Combat

  • Overrun - better reflects the role of tanks in WW2 by allowing these units to destroy severely damaged units (threshold unknown) without spending their movement or attack action.
  • EncirclementPC2 won’t have a full-on supply system like Order of Battle, but the dev team are keen to bring in the tactical implications of units being out of supply. A unit that’s surrounded by enemy units so that it can’t move onto any passable terrain hexes will be considered ‘out of supply’ and will start to suffer combat penalties over time.
  • Unit Splitting - Units can now split into two, weaker versions of the same unit and recombine. This can be useful for encirclement & recon.
  • Unique Hero Abilities - In Panzer Corps 2 Heroes will have many unique tactical abilities, and some of these abilities will be synergistic with your units. These can include things like extra attack power, enhanced defence or even command abilities.

PC2 Dev Diary 2

  • Overstrength: PC2 will allow any unit to become 'over-strength' from the purchase screen at the beginning of the game, but these units will cost more prestige and core slots (see above) as to limit the number of units that get this buff.
  • Entrenchment: Largely remains the same, except that there will be more entrenchment levels and specialised units that can destroy entrenchment quicker. Also, base entrenchment provided by terrain cannot be destroyed.
  • Support Fire: This also makes a return, but the dev team are working on making Artillery and AT Guns more useful and specialised in these areas. Artillery will provide support fire against soft targets, for example, while AT guns will intervene against hard targets.

Air & Naval Warfare

  • The air-war rules from Panzer Corps 1 will largely remain in place, but in Panzer Corps 2 all air-units now operate from an airfield that has a physical location on the map.
  • Air units return to their designate air-base at the beginning of the turn, and their effectiveness drops the further form the air base they are.
  • You can attack and destroy the airfields to cause air units to run out of fuel and/or ammo, and Airfield hexes may be able to be repaired under certain circumstances.
  • Because naval 'terrain' is largely boring, naval units will become more complex. Facing and the orientation/position of turrets will be important factors.
  • There will be a more complex damage model inspired by Pacific General.
  • Carrier and submarine classes will be much better fleshed out to represent their unique roles in naval war.
  • There will be a more varied and historical roster of naval units, instead of generic 'Battleship', 'Submarine' units.
  • The dev team hope that the improved Air/Naval mechanics will allow for some air or naval-only missions and that the naval mechanics will work for any theatre, including the pacific.

Source: Dev Diary #1Dev Diary #2, Dev Diary #4

PC2 Head 4

Panzer Corps 2 Multiplayer

You will be able to play with up to 7 other people (so 8-players total) on the same map in both PvP AND PvE modes.

There will be a couple of different multiplayer options:

  • Matrix's classic PBEM++ system will be available as standard.
  • A 'live' system is also being offered for people who want an experience more in-line with modern games: "For these players we are adding a new Multiplayer mode which allows the players to be online at the same time, connect directly, and see each other’s moves in real time."
  • The systems will not be separate; players can play on the live system, then take a few turns on the PBEM++ system, and back again etc... Game saves and data will transfer between the two modes without issue.

Source: Dev Diary #2


Panzer Corps 2 DLC Model

The specifics haven’t been talked about yet, but Matrix are able to share the basics:

  • They mentioned they will be taking inspiration from the Paradox model.
  • They mentioned they don’t want to simply replicate the ‘Grand Campaign’ model from Panzer Corps as that’s been done already and they doubt consumers would respond favourably to it.
  • (Speculation) Despite the random map generator, they may still consider historical scenario content as they are designing a full historical campaign for launch (above).
  • (Speculation) They are already including the majority of units that fought in WW2 at launch (see above), so whether there's any scope left for additional unit packs remains to be seen.

Panzer Corps 2 Trailers

Announcement Trailer

Faction & Unit Trailer

Seasons Demonstration

Panzer Corps 2 Price & Pre-Order Incentives

We have no information regarding price, game bundles or pre-order incentives at this time, but the game is likely to be sold on the Matrix/Slitherine store, as well as maybe Steam and/or

That’s everything we know about Panzer Corps 2 so far! Have you spotted any new information or want us to find out something specific? Let us know in the comments!



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