Panzer Corps expansion Soviet Corps now available

18 Feb 2016 0

Panzer Corps is one of my favorite wargames, and one that I keep installed on my iPad regardless of how many silly cat pictures I have to delete from my photo library. It's a spiritual successor to Panzer General and if you're a fan of that game from the 90's, then you owe it to yourself to check out this new and updated version. 

Today a new and massive expansion was released, allowing you to take control of the Soviets on the Eastern front. The expansion offers a huge, branching campaign with over 25 new scenarios from Finland to knocking on the doors of Berlin. There are also over 60 new regular and elite units at your disposal, such as the PT-34 variant of the T-34, GAZ-67B jeep recon, G-11 glider and the IS-3 Heavy Tank

Soviet Corps is available as an expansion for existing owners of the PC or iPad version of Panzer Corps, but new players can download Soviet Corps on its own as a standalone expansion as well. If you prefer, you can nab it from Steam. Regardless of where you pick it up, the PC version is 10% off at launch. 

Want to see it in action? Slitherine sent along a release trailer as well.



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