Panzer Corps goes free-to-try this weekend, major sale if you want to buy

21 Apr 2016 0

Panzer Corps is the spiritual successor to the classic Panzer General and is a wargame that everybody should own. If you're one of the few who hasn't yet looked into it, you might want to give it a shot this weekend. The Lordz Game Studio is having a massive sale on Panzer Corps this weekend, and is also allowing people to play it for free all weekend starting at 1pm EDT today. That's right, you can head to Steam and play all weekend on the house.

If you like what you see and want to pick it up, this weekend is the time to do that as well. The base game will be 75% off and all DLC will be half-price through Sunday.

If you can't get enough, you can even watch people playing the game all weekend long. The Slitherine Twitch channel is going to be running different players running through Panzer Corps all weekend as well:

Twitch Schedule

10-12 – Agrippa –  Fall Weiss Campaign part 01
12-15 – CB – Soviet Corps Campaign part 01 
15-17 - Agrippa –  Fall Weiss Campaign part 02
17-19 - Lord Cucumber – Sea Lion
19-22 – Agrippa –  Fall Weiss Campaign part 03
22-24 - CB – Soviet Corps Campaign part 02
10-13 - CB – Afrika Korps Campaign part 01
13-16 – Agrippa – Allied Corps D-Day Campaign part 01
16-18 – Sukhoi – What if Scenario
18-22 – CB – Afrika Korps Campaign part 02
22-24 – Agrippa – Allied Corps D-Day Campaign part 02
Check it out over at the Panzer Corps Steam page



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