Panzer Corps - Operation Husky VS - Part 1

By James Cobb and Scott Parrino 25 Jul 2011 0

Panzer Corps VS ? Operation Husky

General Parrino (Axis Forces) VS General Cobb (Allied Forces)

This AAR will be told by both Parrino and Cobb, with Cobb in bold text and Parrino in regular.

Objectives for the Allies ? Capture at least 1 objective on the Italian mainland

Objectives for the Axis ? Hold all 5 objectives on the Italian mainland

Turn 1

A strange game, I need only to take one objective point in Italy and can invade Italy and Sicily at the same time. I have an abundance or air, naval and land forces annihilable with land forces already in both. I use naval and air forces against Syracuse. Naval gunfire doesn?t affect much but bombing hurts Syracuse. Land forces further reduce the garrison there and I wipe out a supporting artillery unit. Further bombing takes out troops at an airfield and cripples enemy armor. Air recon reveals ugly German troops to the north. I move me sea forces closer with the intent of closing the Straits of Messina.

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Landing forces

Italy is even stranger as I just walk into to cities, probably Anzio. I move the sea forces near there closer. I wonder when the boot will fall.

Looking over my orders and my current forces I realize I have a challenge ahead of me. Right off the bat I am assaulted at Gela and Syracuse with multiple airstrikes on my forces on Sicily. The US forces getting the first punch in gives me a hint as to what to do for my overall plan: eliminate enemy air forces, consolidate ground forces into choke points and hold Messina. I have no sea units so landings are at the mercy of General Cobb. With my prestige points I purchase a 30cm Nebelwerfer unit, a Fw-190A and ?43 Grenadiers for the defense of Sicily.

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Syracuse assaulted 

Turn 2

Just the toe of the boot fell. Things didn?t go well in Italy. General Parrino re-took the airfield and shot down an air unit. Clever lad that I am, I left my good ground units hold.

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Syracuse taken 

Sicily went better. I occupied the airfield, took Syracuse and shot up more of his armor. As I thought, he?s headed toward Messina so I landed troops near there, shot up the AA gun at the toe of Italy and moved warships there. My armor has landed.

General Cobb landed his armor on the south end of Sicily, inviting some worries from me as I know his numerical superiority of air and naval units can whittle down my forces to have his armor roll up through my line. I decide to move my units out of range of US naval units as best as I can while maintaining cover of my cities. I over-strength city defense units and move my air units to protect AA and artillery assets so that I can maintain my choke points. My air units have a field day on his bombers.

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The overall situation

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Sicilian defense 

Up in Italy I lose Paestrum and an airfield, Salerno as well. The stage is being set for an early slugging match, I hope. I am not sure of General Cobb?s prowess on the field of battle and all I can hope for is to delay and inflict enough losses on him to exploit an opening, either in Italy or Sicily.

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Italy's air force defense 

Turn 3

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The push north 

The Luftwaffe was busy today, shooting down some planes, taking out some infantry, and harassing landing craft. I?ve pulled back my aircraft for reinforcements. I also took another airport, thus nibbling at the Luftwaffe?s ability to repair itself. I also knocked out some artillery and AA. Naval gunfire is proving effective against panzers, softening them up for my tanks. I?ve landed more troops and artillery while reinforcing some troops.

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Luftwaffe field day

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Sicily's defensive line

Naples is under naval bombardment and I have a feeling it will be the next to fall. US tanks move inland into Sicily from the south and Catania is lost. Am I doing this right? I decide that one of the better moves is to not be dormant but to attack! I open with air and artillery strikes while I shuffle my forces to the center of Sicily for an attack.

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Italy overall 

In Italy I recaptured Paestum to prove a point that my forces will not sit idly by, as well destroy the infantry unit guarding it. Taranta?s airfield is recaptured from earlier, which I will need for my Luftwaffe to continue their sorties on US forces in Italy proper.

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Paestum re-captured 

Turn 4

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 Toe landings

Not my best turn. The Luftwaffe is raising all kinds of hell; my armor seems to be inferior even to the Italians and the Germans threw me out of Paestum. Still, I occupied the Italian city across from Messina and killed a few more krauts. My naval support is long-ranged and excellent. I upgraded one Brit infantry holding an Italian town to heavy weapons.  With so many units, the ?Next Unit? button is a blessing.

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Counter-attack mess

With a combined barrage of enemy sea and air attacks, I thought I could weather that storm, but then US armor started to make their prescence known on Sicily. The front line looks like a mess of units that are squaring up for a fight. Reggio de Calabria falls, sadly. I notice that General Cobb has also landed some forces at Italy?s ?toe?. This bodes ill will for the pitful Italian units guarding that area as they are just there to delay any advance.

Turn 5

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 Sicily becomes a battlefield

Same old,-same-old. I lose units to air power; he loses units to naval guns. I repair aircraft and reinforce troops all along the front.

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The overall picture for Turn 5

More enemy landings at the ?toe? of Italy. I?ve decided to name it Toe Front. Taranto falls as well. My counter-attack in Sicily however is going well. I notice that General Cobb?s forces retreat, or feint? Since this is early in the battle I cannot be too sure. From the overall view of the situation, Sicily looks to be solid as a rock but Italy might be precarious. I over-strength more units for the eventual defense.

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Toe defense 

My Luftwaffe in Italy is fairly strong, which I use on US armor. On a whim I send out my 190 to the sea to see what General Cobb has brewing. My jaw drops as I see more landing craft. I sweat a bit. I crack my knuckles. I take a look at my forces in Italy hatch a plan to make him pay for every yard and mile and city.

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Italy's defense for Turn 5

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More LSTs spotted... 

To be continued?Click here for Part 2!

AAR written by: James Cobb, Staff Writer

                             Scott Parrino, Editor in Chief



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